Fur - It's Dead Simple
Briefly outlines general arguments against fur.

Trimming with Fur Kills
Outlines the use of fur trim and the cruelty involved in its production.
The vast majority of the public opposes the trapping and factory farming of animals for their fur because of the great suffering involved. But the fur trade is trying to restore its fortunes by peddling animal skins in the form of trimmings for jackets, coats, gloves and other items.

Rabbit Fur - Don't Buy the Lies
Informative leaflet about the huge industry of rabbit fur production.
The killing of rabbits for their fur is the fastest growing part of the global fur trade, yet the factory farming of rabbits for their fur and flesh has received little attention ?until now.

Vintage Fur is always secondhand - Don't buy Vintage!

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Fur - It's Dead Simple

Fold out A4 factsheet on fur. Included in our information pack.
Each year approximately 50 million animals are killed around the world for their fur. A lifetime of suffering in cramped cages, or the agony and torture of the leghold trap, just to satisfy someone's greed and vanity. Face the facts and help us stop the fur trade!

Rabbit Fur: Face the Facts
Lots of information and images specifically focusing on the rabbit fur industry.
CAFT have infiltrated and exposed this hideous trade where millions of rabbits are confined to bare wire cages, kept as breeding machines, their throats slit and their furs turned into boots, hats, gloves and trim for jackets. See www.rabbitfur.org for our full report.

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Cruelty Cards

Card to give out to fur wearers:
If you don't like confrontation but cannot let people walk past wearing fur without some engagement, hand out this credit card size card which lets people know your views on their fur wearing!


A2 Posters

Would you still buy it if you knew it was real fur?

Here's the rest of your fur coat

They can't live without their fur...You can!

Fur Kills
All posters are A2 full colour - ideal placard size. Free to local animal rights groups.



She Can't Live Without Her Fur, You Can
Please don't stick anywhere illegal!

Circular No Fur
6 stickers per A4 sheet. Please don't stick anywhere illegal!


The reality of commercial rabbit farming in Europe
Download from here.