Joseph campaign spreads

Anti-fur campaigners have stepped up the campaign against the fashion chain Joseph, with protests taking place at 7 of their branches in London in the past few weeks, including several which have previously seen no protests.

Despite the much reported terrorist threat in London, the Metropolitan police have managed to spare dozens of officers to police what have been legal and peaceful demos. Their behaviour on recent demos is nothing short of harassment, although people should not be deterred from attending. And though we remain determined to continue our peaceful campaigning, we are calling on anti fur campaigners around the world to support our campaign by contacting Joseph at the addresses below.

On August 6th, protesters held a mobile demo against several branches of Joseph, beginning with Joseph at 16 Sloane Street, London, SW1 9LQ, Tel: 020 7235 1991. Around 25 people held placards and gave out leaflets to the public, some of whom were shocked to find out that Joseph sells fur.

After an hour and a half, we caught the bus towards Piccadilly and other branches of Joseph. With 25 protesters, about 10 police and followed by two more police vans, we made quite a spectacle and took the opportunity to hand out lots of anti-fur and anti-Joseph leaflets. En route, we passed Harvey Nichols at Knightsbridge, which has a branch of Joseph, but Harvey Nichols has a fur free policy now, so Joseph's branch there is not allowed to sell fur.

Along Bond St, we took the opportunity to hold an impromptu march as this is one of the main fur selling streets of London. We gave out leaflets and shouted anti-fur slogans. In one shop, someone was seen to hurriedly remove fur from the window display as we approached.

Next stop was Joseph 28 Brook Street, London, W1Y 2PD, Tel: 020 7629 6077. Here too we had a very successful demo with lots of support from passers by, as well as nearby shops.



After a return march down Bond St.......

We arrived at Joseph's main London store at 23 Old Bond Street
London, W1X 3DA, Tel: 020 7629 3713.

Here we stayed for around two hours, leafleting and collecting signatures from the public, who with the odd exception were very supportive.

The following week, Saturday August 13th, we began at Joseph's Covent Garden Branch, Joseph 15 Floral Street, London, WC2E 9DH, Tel: 020 7240 1199. Once again the police were out in force, and as in previous weeks many members of the public voiced their disgust at what they considered a waste of tax payers money.



Quite a few came up to sign the petition, take a leaflet and show support. At one point we went on a march around covent garden, giving out leaflets and spreading the anti-fur message.

Later we took the tube to yet another branch of Joseph at St John's Wood, 21 St. John’s Wood High St, London, NW8 7NG, Tel: 020 7722 5883. This was the first time this branch had seen a fur protest, many of the residents and shoppers looked amazed at the sight of 20 fur protesters, accompanied by around 30 police and two police vans descending on their High St.

Despite the overpolicing, we held another successful demo. People were genuinely shocked to learn Joseph sells fur, one woman who lives above the shop even placed ant-fur and anti-Joseph leaflets in her window in a display of solidarity.

Eventually we began to make our way to other branches of Joseph, before the rain began to fall and it didn't relent for the rest of the afternoon.

To get involved with campaigning, contact us

Please show your support by contacting Joseph and asking them to adopt a fur free policy. Remember it is illegal to farm animals for fur in the UK, and yet companies such as Joseph continue to sell fur imported from countries where fur farming is still legal. Tell them this is not acceptable.

Joseph properties in the UK.

Head Office
Joseph Ltd Head Office
Unit 11, Piper Centre,
50, Carnwath Rd,
London, SW6 3JX
Tel: 020 7736 2522,
Fax 020 7736 1644.

74 Sloane Avenue, SW3 3DZ
020 7590 6200,
fax 020 7584 9384

Stores: London

23 Old Bond Street
London, W1X 3DA
Tel: 020 7629 3713

77 Fulham Road
London, SW3 6RE
Tel: 020 7823 9500

315 Brompton Road
London, SW3 2DY
Tel: 020 7225 3335

74 Sloane Avenue
London, SW3 3DZ
Tel: 020 7591 0808

16 Sloane Street
London, SW1 9LQ
Tel: 020 7235 1991

76 The Duke of York’s
Sloane Square
London, SW3 4LY
Tel: 020 7730 2395

236 Westbourne Grove
London, W11 2RH
Tel: 020 7243 9920

124 Draycott Avenue
London, SW3 3AH
020 7584 1252

53 Kings Road
London, SW3 1QN
Tel: 020 7730 7562

28 Brook Street
London, W1Y 2PD
Tel: 020 7629 6077

299 Fulham Road
London, SW10 9QH
Tel: 020 7352 6776

15 Floral Street
London, WC2E 9DH
Tel: 020 7240 1199

21 St. John’s Wood High St
London, NW8 7NG
Tel: 020 7722 5883

64 High Street
London, SW19 5EE
Tel: 020 8946 5880

28 Hill Street
London, TW9 1TW
Tel: 020 8940 7045
Department Stores
(Joseph has departments in Fenwicks, Selfridges and Harvey Nichols but these stores have fur-free policies so Joseph cannot sell fur here. However please continue to boycott all Joseph outlets until the company has a fur free policy)

Joseph at Harrods 1st Floor
87/135 Brompton Road
London, SW1X 7XL
Tel: 020 7893 8306
Joseph Essentials 4th Floor
87/135 Brompton Road
London SW1X 7XL
Tel: 020 7225 6878

126 Draycott Avenue
London, SW3 3AH
Tel: 020 7225 2217

16 Sloane Street
London, SW1 9LQ
Tel: 020 7235 9869

Outside London

Unit L
100 Lower Guildhall
Greenhithe, DA9 9SN
Tel: 01322 624 681

Factory Outlets
Whiteley Village
Hampshire, PO15 7LJ
Tel: 01489 580 082
Mcarthur Glen Designer

York, YO19 4TA
Tel: 01904 679 062

Dalton Park
North East OutletCounty Durham, SR7 9HZ
Tel: 01915 265 140