Christmas Anti-Fur Week at Harrods

Monday 18th to Sunday 24th December

Well done to everyone who took part in Christmas Anti-Fur week at Harrods. The week was a huge success, with at least 85 activists taking part over the week of demos at the store, with an average of 20 protesters on each day. On the Saturday there were over 50 protesters taking part throughout the day. This was despite bitter cold weather which lasted nearly the whole week.

During the week we had supporters travelling from as far afield as Manchester, Coventry, Devon, Northampton, Bedford, Newcastle, Brighton, Cambridge, Sheffield and Oxford.

The week got off with a boost when monday's Evening Standard carried a large article about the anti-fur week with the headline "Protesters in week-long bid to ban fur at Harrods" (see below). The article was reasonably balanced and quoted a CAFT spokesperson speaking at length about Harrods' involvement in the fur trade. Harrods refused to comment, and didn't even come up with their usual hollow excuses. Lots of people had read the article, and at least 3 of them joined the protest during the week after reading about it in the Standard. Also there on one day was a Green Party representative to show their support for the campaign.

We had prepared some great new literature for the week including some huge colourful posters which were on constant display around the store all week. We also had a new anti-Harrods colour leaflet in time for fur week, and we gave out around 25,000 of these during the week. We got many messages of support from shoppers and tourists.

As well as targeting Harrods, it should be remembered that Knightsbridge is one of most affluent areas of the country, and the number of fur coats on display during the week bore this out. It was really useful to be handing out loads of anti-fur literature in such an area. Another feature of Harrods is the number of famous people, celebrities and royalty who pass by, not all are sympathetic obviously, but again it does no harm get the fur message to such people.

On the Saturday 23rd Dec, there was a great turnout with over 50 activists taking part throughout the day, on what was supposed to be their busiest shopping day of the year. With 12 entrances to this huge building, it became hectic (but fun) as at times 6 separate groups of activists toured the building, sometimes having to dodge one another because of the injunction, but ensuring all the doors were covered and many more shoppers were informed about Harrods and the fur trade. Near the end of the day, with around 30 activists still present, we got all the separate groups together for a "team photo", before a large group set off on the bus for a well-earned Christmas meal at a nearby veggie restaurant.

It was a great effort by all who took part. Some people were there for half an hour, others came nearly every day, but it shows what can be achieved by working together.

The protests will continue throughout the Winter sales with demos every Saturday, and some which will be arranged during the week, remember you can help even if you can only spare an hour or two.


Whether or not you can make the protests, please politely email, phone, fax, write to Harrods to request that it takes the compassionate decision to stop the sale of all real animal fur and adopt a fur-free policy. Remember to point out that fur farming is illegal in the UK, so they should come into line with the wishes of the British public and the democratic will of Parliament.

If you get any replies please forward them to us.

Harrods Ltd 87-135 Brompton Road
Knightsbridge London SW1X 7XL
Telephone 020 7730 1234
Fax 020 7581 0470

There are also various feedback forms to fill in on Harrods website

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This article appeared in the Evening Standard on day one of the anti-fur week.

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The new leaflet made an impact on shoppers and tourists. To order contact us