Fur Protests back at Harrods

Anti-Fur protesters returned to Harrods department store in London yesterday, Saturday October 15th, the first ant-fur protest against Harrods since 1989, when owner Mohammed Al Fayed pledged to make the store fur-free.

Campaign group CAFT (Coalition to Abolish the Fur Trade) is campaiging to persuade Harrods to cut its ties with the fur trade. Harrods is now the only major department store in the UK which sells fur, following decisions by rivals Harvey Nichols, Selfridges and Liberty to stop selling fur and adopt a fur-free policy.

The protesters displayed placards and banners calling on shoppers and tourists to boycott Harrods until it stops selling fur, in line with the wishes of the vast majority of the british public (Fur farming is now illegal in the UK, but stores are still allowed to import fur from countries where such practices remain legal).

Over 3,000 leaflets were distributed to people entering and leaving Harrods. There was much support from the many people who stopped to speak to the protesters. Many were angry to learn that Harrods has gone back on its fur free policy, and some said they would complain to the management.

Protesters will be returning to Harrods on a regular basis to remind the public of the stores ties with the fur trade. If you are interested in getting involved, contact CAFT


Meanwhile please take action. Politely email, phone, fax, write to Harrods to request that it takes the compassionate decision to once again stop the sale of all real animal fur and reinstate its fur-free policy. Remember to point out that fur farming is illegal in the UK, so they should come into line with the wishes of the British public and the democratic will of Parliament.

If you get any replies please forward them to us.

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