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Harrods is one of only two department stores in the UK which continues to sell real fur, even though the production of fur is illegal in the UK.

Although it is disappointing that Harrods is selling fur, it is also encouraging that hundreds of other department stores in the country now have a fur-free policy, a testament to the many years of successful campaigning by CAFT and other anti-fur campaign groups and individuals.

Nevertheless we are not being complacent and are continuing to campaign to put pressure on Harrods to join its rival stores and stop supporting the bloody fur trade.

Fashion blog "The Fashion Spell" recently reported from and showed a short film about the ongoing campaign against the sale of fur in Harrods department store. Read more here.

Harrods' store in Knightsbridge is Europe's largest department store. The last survey at Harrods revealed a wide range of real fur garments on sale on display throughout the store, and included items made from beaver, chinchilla, red fox, arctic fox, mink, musquash, rabbit, wolf, coyote and squirrel.

Harrods protests usually take place every Saturday, as well as special occasions such as sale openings and other events at the store, see below for protest reports. If you are interested in taking part in the protests email london [at]

If you want to get involved in the protests contact us for more details.

Read about earlier protests making headlines: BBC News, Daily Mail, The Evening Standard and watch this short video.


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Harrods is owned by Qatar Holding - a company set up by and operated on behalf of the Qatari Royal Family, which rules the small, but oil rich Gulf Arab state of Qatar. The Chairman of Qatar Holding is also the Prime Minister and Foreign Minister of Qatar, his cousin is the Emir or King of Qatar.

We are hoping that the new owners will take the compassionate step of stopping the sale of fur in Harrods once and for all, and that is where you can help us.

Please contact Qatar Holding and the Qatar Government explaining the campaign and politely ask them to stop selling fur in Harrods. Explain the horrors of the fur trade. Send info about the fur trade, and links to anti-fur websites, films etc. Each letter should be individual, but some points you may want to include are:

* The production of fur is illegal in the UK on ethical grounds. The farming of animals for fur was outlawed in 2001, and the leghold trap has been illegal for over 50 years.

* Over 80% of the UK population is opposed to the fur trade, and a ban on the sale of fur in Harrods would be very popular.

Please keep all communications polite and informative and please copy us in (london [at] and send any replies to us.

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